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Transient Application

Birmingham Mailing Address

Are you eligible to return to the last college you attended?
Have you ever been denied admission to any college?
Have you ever attended Samford University for academic credit?
Member of a church?
The optional information requested below is voluntary and will not be used in a discriminatory manner.
I understand that if I am accepted for admission to Samford University as a transient student, my admission will be for the term indicated only.  If I wish to attend another term, I will apply as a new student and will submit the required application forms and official transcripts from each college and university I have attended.  It is my responsibility to secure approval from my institution for the transient work which I plan to complete at Samford.
In order to complete you application, please have the Transient Course Approval form completed by the dean or registrar of the institution to which the Samford University credits will be transferred.

Then send the completed form to
or mail to:
                         Samford University
                         Office of Admission
                         800 Lakeshore Drive
                         Birmingham, AL 35229