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Art & Design Day 2013

Submit this form to register for Art & Design Day, November 9, 2013.  

Art & Design Day is an event for high school juniors, seniors and transfer students who plan to major in fine art, graphic design, and interior design at Samford University.  Students have the opportunity to learn about scholarship opportunities, visit the campus art gallery, and take two free workshops taught by faculty members.

High school seniors and transfer students whose travel arrangements permit them to arrive on November 8 are welcome to participate in audition weekend activities with music and theatre students.  

An e-mail from will be sent to confirm your registration and class availability within five business days of the receipt of this registration form.  Priority deadline for registration is October 28, 2013.
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Art & Design Day Sessions

Please select your first preference for a morning session workshop and an afternoon session workshop.  If you have questions about these options, please e-mail

Seniors and transfer students: Please indicate if you are interested in joining these events on Friday, November 8.